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Dry skin cleansing

Thorough and meticulous cleansing of dry skin is the key to a well-groomed and radiant complexion. Dehydrated and dehydrated areas, skin lacking radiance - they effectively take away the charm of even the best make-up work. In addition, inaccurate dirt and makeup removal results in poorer skin condition and bacterial growth. This in turn leads to the formation of blackheads and numerous skin imperfections.

Dry skin how can you recognize it?

Simply put, dry skin is dull, tends to peel off and dry skin appears. It often bakes, pinches and is removed, e.g. after applying drying cosmetics. Touching it with your fingertips, we can clearly feel the roughness. In addition, dry skin is more likely than other types to be susceptible to irritation and much more sensitive.

The condition of our skin is also affected by lifestyle, stress levels, dry air, temperature, water hardness and cosmetics, which we use every day, especially for washing and removing makeup.

Appropriate cleaning of dry skin

It is very important that cleansing cosmetics for dry skin do not contain SLS, SLES and other aggressive surfactants, which damage the hydrolipid layer of the skin and contribute to its drying. It is best to choose products with a creamy / milk / oil consistency that, in addition to removing impurities, will ensure comfort and moisturizing the skin already during cleansing.

A makeup remover that does not contain paraffin, PEGs, SLSs, SLESs, silicones and mineral oils:

Miya My Super Skin - a unique oil with a light formula that does not leave a sticky, greasy layer. It is intended for cleansing and removing makeup from the face, lips and eyes. It is delicate and effective in its operation. Thoroughly cleanses the skin of any impurities and excess sebum. Nourishes, smoothes, soothes irritations.

Intended for cleansing dehydrated skin. This unusual product in the form of a light hydrophilic oil does not contain SLS and SLES. Under the influence of water it turns into a pleasant foam. The oil does not burden the skin and does not leave a feeling of tightness. It perfectly cleanses the skin of all kinds of impurities, cleanses makeup and liquefies sebum. Perfectly refreshes.

BIELENDA Professional Hyaluronic Make-up Remover Milk

Hyaluronic cleansing milk for the care of dry skin, with loss of firmness and skin with signs of aging. Gently and effectively cleanses the skin, softens and regenerates the epidermis, maintains an optimal level of skin hydration.

Vianek Nourishing Make-up Removal Milk

The lotion is intended for removing face, eyes and lips, for all skin types. Effectively washes away impurities, does not dry the skin. The composition includes ingredients with a nutritional effect: apricot kernel oil, sea buckthorn oil and honey. The addition of flax seed extract ensures optimal hydration and relief of the skin. The preparation leaves a delicate protective layer - after removing makeup, the skin is clean, smooth and has a uniform color.

To sum up, skin care begins with thorough makeup removal. Dry skin requires careful care and very delicate cosmetics that will actively work, but also protect it from drying, tightening and irritation. Dry skin cleansing is not complicated, it is important to choose the right cosmetics.